Nut and saddle sander

What a great and fun tool to accurately level nuts and saddles. You simply clamp the nut or saddle in the tool, set the height and move it over your sanding paper. This tool for luthiers makes it easy to adjust an existing nut or saddle or to prepare a new one for your guitar.

Suitable for nuts and saddles from all types of material and a maximum width of 9.52mm and length of 82.55mm.

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  1. Unscrew the two knobs on the movable jaw until the jaw allows enough space for your material to be inserted - it's easiest to do this while the tool is upside down.
  2. Two inner springs are installed to stabilize the jaw with thicker materials (nuts). The springs can be removed when you need to maximize clamping pressure (saddles).
  3. Insert your nut or saddle flush with the aluminum base and tighten the clamping knobs to clamp your material in place.
  4. Set the tool on a completely flat surface with the wheels touching the surface.
  5. Use the adjustment screws on top to find the 'zero' point where the material is exposed just enough to prevent the tool from rolling on its wheels.  The top screws should be in the outer holes for saddles and the inner holes for nuts. Do this evenly to each screw in small amounts. This is your zero level after which no material will be removed.
  6. Adjust each top screw further by the amount of material you want to remove.  Each tick mark will expose 0.1mm of additional material. Use feeler gauges if desired.
  7. Stick sandpaper on a completely flat surface and glide the tool back and forth.  Once the wheels roll as the tool is moved back and forth, the material removal and leveling is complete.
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Item 123300
Brand Other
Size 83x65x37mm
Type Other
Material metal
Weight 260g
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