Payment options at TLC Guitar Goods

 What has to be done has to be done ... but then as easy as possible. We have six payment options for your choice:

Payment method

Payment costs

IDEAL, Bancontact, SOFORT & EPS


Creditcard (delayed payment)

€ 3.95


€ 2.95



IDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort & EPS

If you do internet banking, this is one of the easiest way of paying on the internet. Benefit:
You pay quickly, simply and safely online through your own bank without additional costs.

Credit card

We only accept MasterCard and Visa. Once we have checked your credit card details, we will send your order that day. Your credit card will only be charged after delivery. Benefit:
Your credit card provider often offers benefits such as a payment term and insurance. Disadvantage, the costs are relatively high, even though we also carry a part of it.

If you have a Paypal account, you can use it to pay for your order. Paypal is linked to your credit card and therefore has similar conditions, but is even easier and at lesser costs.


If you have an account with TLC Guitar Goods, you automatically earn shoppoints with every order, a little something from us for you! You can use collected points during checkout to pay (part of) your order. If you are logged in, it is a matter of checking boxes and completing numbers.

Unfortunately, we do not accept any other payment methods such as VVV vouchers, on credit terms or by means of a cheque.