TLC Guitar Goods

About us
TLC stands for Tender Loving Care for The Luthiers Community. That means love, care and attention for you!

Building a guitar is a craft. With love, wood is selected, processed with care and a lot of time and attention is put into the finish. We share that passion, because that's how we build our instruments ourselves. We understand that you have the same expectations of the people from whom you want to buy your materials and parts. With this in mind, we run our company and we have developed the TLC Guitar Goods webshop. Intuitive, Informative and Service oriented. We are here for you!

Product Range
Our products have been carefully selected and purchased as close to the source as possible in order to offer you the best price. In addition to parts and materials, we offer an extensive selection of special tools, because yes, we ourselves are a bit crazy for beautiful rasps, files and saws. We have ensured that both high-end brands from Japan and Korea and budget-friendly items are in stock, which makes it fun for everyone. In addition to the purchased items, we also manufacture parts ourselves. We have our own product line and we offer a custom service for decals, laser engraving and CNC milling. The possibilities go as far as your own imagination!

And then, an assortment is never complete and we continue to expand it. Do you have wishes, requests, tips, ideas? Please let us know, we’re in this together, aren’t we?

We pay attention to detail and always want to know everything ourselves, or at least as much as possible. We therefore provide information about our products as thoroughly as we can. But we want to go much further and also like to share with you all the tutorials, how-to's, tips and. What is characteristic of the luthier community is that so much information is shared. We are happy to contribute and strive to bring all this information together on one platform. In addition to our own knowledge, we visit fellow luthiers and we always have an open invitation for you to share your tips with the world!

You and the craft are the central point for us and we appreciate you greatly. We do everything we can to help you, even if it is something as small as a fast delivery, a piece of communication or an extra with your order. We do it with love. Do you want to know where you can go for really beautiful wood, good templates or are you looking for a teacher, we’re happy to help because we are also part of the luthiers community!