Danish Olie

Danish Oil

A basis of Tung oil with additives for a quicker drying time.

Satin gloss to high gloss with an amber color.
Absorbed in the wood, but can also be build up in layers to form a tough, hard and dense protective coat.

Sand the surface u/i grit 600. Remove dust and grease.
Grainfilling for a satin gloss is optional, for a higher gloss recommended. Can be filled with grainfiller or by sanding in the oil with waterproof sandpaper which creates a smudge of sand dust and oil that will cure hard in the pores.

With a brush, sponge or cloth, or for grainfilling with 600 grit waterproof sandpaper or Kovax Assilex. Switch every 1 – 2 layers to a finer grit.
Let the oil set for max up to 20 minutes till still wet and rub well with a lint-free cloth.
Apply the next layer after 2 – 4 hours.
A minimum of 4 layers is required for a good protection, 6 -8 layers will bring a higher gloss.
The last layers are rubbed, or sanded, in the direction of the grain.

Finish and maintain:
Curing time usually 6 -8 hours. Completely cured after 1-2 weeks.
Optionally for extra gloss, a final layer of Lemon oil can be applied.
After time, a new layer of Danish oil can be applied. Clean your guitar with a damp (not wet) cloth or Lemon oil and apply 1 or 2 new layers of Danish Oil.

Let used cloths dry flat outside due to the risk of self-combustion!


Tip: Check the Kovax complete sanding system for oil finish
        Want to apply some color? Mix up to 7% of the suStain Solids with your oil
        Finishing products and product combinations should always be tested before use

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