Metal Flake Chilly Day

Create a stunning finishing with these high quality guilding flakes. Use with Guilding Glue to guild your body, top or even create stamps or patters in your own design. Compatible with Nitro and 2K lacquer. The flakes are made by hand with love and care in a traditional way. This jar is filled with a mix of strong silver with sprinkles of blues greens and shiny golds.

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Exciting to start working with these mega flakes! There are so many possibilities for using these:

- Full cover with an early bird or chilly day
- Stamps with images or text on a red base with the summer sun
- Swooshes of steel moon or copper field on a blue base
- Etc etc

When you have your vision worked out, start by preparing your base:
- Sand, fill and seal your base and sand till you have a smooth surface.
- If you want to have a colored base, do so before applying the flakes and let it dry completely. If necessary finely sand with 800 grit for a smooth surface.
- Clean from dust and grease.

Have these materials at hand
- Your flakes
- An empty box
- Big piece of paper (to collect removed flakes)
- A porcelain plate (like a pastry dish)
- Your phat foam, cut into a size you are comfortable to work with
- Optional: a brush, stamp
- Clean flat brush or dry sponge

1) Put some of the Guilding Glue on the porcelain plate
2) Dap the white side of your phat foam, brush or stamp with Guilding Glue.
3) Stamp brus or work the Guilding Glue on your instrument. If you do a full body or top, it is sensible to work in sections. Place your foam, stam, or brush on the porcelain tile or everything will stick to it.
The Guilding Glueallows for immediate application of the flakes, but also has a long drying time, allowing you to work comfortably.
4) Cover the Guilding Glue with flakes and just press with your fingers to secure a layer on the glue.
5) Remove access flakes with a clean flat brush, sponge or even your dry hand by stroking the flaked area till it gets smooth. Catch the flakes with the piece of paper and put them in the empty box. You can use these flakes again!
6) If you have any unwanted gabs, apply a small amount of Guilding Glue in the gab and recover with flakes.
7) Clean the tile and stamp or brush with water. You can keep the piece of phat foam in a plastic bag and use it again.

More Information
Item 168002
Brand TLC Guitar Goods
Color Silver mix
Material different types of metal leaf flakes
Size 65x50 mm
Type Gilding flakes
Weight 22 g
Sales unit pce
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