Hammer time! Unless you prefer a fret press..

Fret slots, check, Radius, check, Inlay, check. Then now: Frets !!!
When you are satisfied with your radius and you are done with your inlays and your test is customized, you can place your frets.

Check fret slots
First we advise you to check your fret slots. Measure the height of your fret-tang (the part that goes into the fret slot) and mark this height on the bottom side of a thin piece of cardboard, thick paper or transparent plastic. Place the card slowly through the first fret slot (like swiping a credit card really slowly). The marked piece should not be visible above your fret slot, anywhere. It represents the height of the fret-tang and if it sticks out, it doesn’t fit. You can saw your slot a little deeper with your fret saw. If you have fret slots that require just a little adjustment, or there is accumulated sawdust in the slot, you can use a fret slot cleaning saw to finish your fret slot.

Prepare frets
When your fret slots are clean, you can prepare your frets. The sets of 12 pieces have already been pre-bent. The loose pieces of fret wire are not and you can carefully bend them to make them easier to place. When cutting to size, you work from the outer sides inwards. Cut off the part you need for the first fret, keeping a little space at the ends and place the remaining piece on the opposite side, which should fit in well.  While cutting all your frets, place them in the right order for when you set your frets in place.

If you use a fret press, make sure you use the right radius on the press and that the bottom of your neck is protected. Often it is useful to put the neck in a sled with a flat bottom for support and a hollowed rest for your neck with some soft felt for protection. You can of course use a fret hammer just as well. Also then your neck needs support to give enough back pressure to get the frets in the slot.

We recommend gluing your frets. It eliminates the risk of ringing frets and your frets are secured in place. Thin superglue like ZAP is a good choice. Use of a flexitip is also recommended. This has a thin end of about half a mm and with that you can dose and apply much more precisely.

Setting your frets
Work with one fret at a time. Insert a thin line of super glue into / on the fret slot and place your fret with some pressure in the fret slot. Take your hammer and hammer your fret completely into the fret slot. If you use a press, place your neck under the press so that the press plate is placed on the fret at a straight angle. Press firmly. You often feel when the fret is properly in place. With the longer frets I usually put the press first in the middle and then press the ends again. Then you know for sure that it is secured in place..

After this you can continue to level and finish your frets!