Placing a decal

How to apply a decal
A decal is a thin transparent foil that lies on paper. When you have printed text or an image on it, you can remove the foil from the paper by placing it in water. You then place the foil on your instrument and finish it with spray lacquer. This way you can give your instrument its own look, or replace a damaged logo of a purchased guitar.

1) The surface should have a base coat of lacquer, sanding sealer or z-poxy. Make sure it is smooth by sanding with grit 600. Clean and degrease.

2) Cut the decal in shape around your design. You do not have to follow the contours, that only makes it vulnerable. Make sure the decal fits on the spot without protruding.
Important: Make sure not to touch the ink during cutting (and preferably not at all). The combination of your hands natural moisture and grease with rubbing can damage the print.

Applying the decal
3) Wet the spot where you want to apply the decal

4) Soak hand-warm water until you see that the paper is loosening.

5) Pick up the decal with the backing paper. make sure a little piece of the decal sticks out. This will make it easy to place the decal without damaging it.

Decal placement    Decal placement   Decal placement   Decal placement   Decal placement

6)  Place directly on the surface. You can gently smooth it with a wet finger and press with a tissue to dry. Never rub hard! Let dry overnight.

7)  Protect the decal with a basecoat of clear lacquer and finish with the rest of your instrument.

Be careful with using lacquers with a relatively high acetone content such as Spraymax 1K. This can affect the decal.