45 degrees bevel trim router bit 6,5mm

Beautiful router bit with two blades and a 45 degrees angle. Ideal for example for beveling the sides of the pickguard for your guitar.

With the guide bearing you can easily follow a template.

This bit is made of durable Tungsten steel (hard-metal) with carbide tip for a long life.

The shaft is ¼ Inch. If your cutter has a holder for 8mm milling, order the conversion bus!

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Some tips that can be useful when you are using your router:

These bits come with a silicone protection shell. Be careful when removing it, because the bits are very sharp!

Make sure to wear safety goggles, (fine) dust mask, hearing protection and to ensure a good working height, good visibility and that your hands, legs, feet and other limbs are away from the router bit. Always be alert and cautious when using a router. Carbide tips can break and projectile in any direction, as well as tear outs can do.

When you insert a cutter bit, or remove it from your router, remove the plug. Make sure your router bit is properly in the holder of your cutter. Use a conversion bus if necessary.

Routing with 2 flute bits you can use a speed of 18,000 to 24,000 revolutions per minute, depending on the material you want to route.
Routing with 3 flute bits you need a lower speed from 10.00 to 17.000 revolutions per minute because there is less space between the cutting blades. This also depends on the material you want to route.

Our router bits are suitable for all types of wood. Some types of wood, such as maple, are more susceptible to burn marks. To avoid this, you can reduce the speed, move the router faster, or work in smaller steps with less depth or thickness at once. Or a combination of these.

Work in steps:
As a guideline, do not route deeper in 1 session than the diameter of your cutter, nor broader in 1 session than half the diameter of your router bit, depending on the material. This prevents from putting too much pressure on your router bit, which could make it slip or tilt. When you have to remove more material, work in steps of 5-8mm, or 30-30-30-10%. By making the last step the smallest, you get the cleanest cut.

Routing direction:
The router bit usually rotates clockwise. Move the router (or when you use a routing table, your workpiece) in the opposite direction so that the blades can do their work optimally.
If you cut a straight piece, such as a fretboard, cut from the outside to the inside to prevent the ends from breaking out.
If you cut a binding channel, first cut the most round areas (waist and horns) before you make a complete round, this prevents breakouts and outliers.


Template routing:
Make sure your template has clean edges and that your guide bearing is up to level with your template. If necessary, first cut the inner sides to depth until your guide bearing is at the correct height. Then cut your edges clean by following your template and then, if necessary, remove more depth.

Make sure your template is properly secured with, for example, double-sided tape or glue clamps with a larger template. If you work with clamps, use at least 2. If you have to move these to allow the router to pass, first place a third clamp to hold the template in place and then move the glue clamps one by one.

More Information
Item 129014
Brand TLC Guitar Goods
Type 45 degrees bevel bit
Flutes 2 straight flutes
Diameter bit 6,5mm
Cutting height 6,5mm
Total length 52,5mm
shaft diameter 1/4 Inch
Material Tungsten steel with carbide tip
Weight 41g
Sales unit pce
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