suStain - the color for your guitar!

It’s like a unicorn and a Carebear had a wild night in our warehouse and left a world of colors behind. Awesome, we love color! With no less than 23 liquid stains, 12 metallic mica pigments and 5 shades of gilding flakes, you have a large palette at your disposal to give your guitar your signature look. Switch on your inner artist and get acquainted with TLC Guitar Goods suStain, suStain Mica and Metal Flakes!


Colors that rock your world! We proudly present our extensive range of stains. Available in 23 ready to use shades, that are easily intermixable to create even more colors. These stains can be used directly from the bottle for an intense color, or diluted further down for a softer tone, double stain or burst.

Simply dilute with water or with alcohol if it says so on the label! Can be used in an airbrush or applied with a fine sponge, folded cloth or paper towel. Compatible with lacquer and oil finishes.

Available in a 25ml concentrate with pipette or 195ml pre-mix that can be toned down.

Whether you’re into classics, metals or pops, from Burnt Yellow 18, Dragon’s Blood 47 or Zombie Grey 82, we’ve got your number!

suStain Mica

Colors that shine and shimmer with a metallic look! We are so excited with our sustain Mica pigment powders and had lots of fun testing them out. These traditional pigments have been used for specialty finishes like the old golden archtops, built of layers with bronze and gold. Our suStain Mica is available in a wide range of such (precious) metals and alloys as well as funky colors with a metallic sheen and even white.

The powders can be mixed with water or alcohol in your desired intensity from an almost opaque to a subtle gloss that plays with the light. Use them on their own, in single or double layers or use them over or under our liquid suStain. So many options!

Available in 25ml jar. Dilute with water or alcohol in for example a 1:1 to 1:3 ratio. Can be mixed with epoxy resins and Nitro as well! Apply with airbrush or spray gun with minimum 1mm needle, or with sponge or folded cloth.  Compatible with lacquer and oil finishes.

Metal Flakes

Create a stunning finishing with these high quality guilding flakes available in 5 variaties. Use with Guilding Glue to guild your body, top or even create stamps or patters in your own design.

The flakes are made by hand with love and care in a traditional way and are compatible with Nitro and 2K lacquer.

Weather your heart beats for a Steel Moon, Summer Sun or a Chilly Day, these flakes make every instrument special!


Our suStain products

  1. Complete set suStain concentrate 23 colors -20%
    Complete set suStain concentrate 23 colors
    €109.48 Regular Price €136.85
  2. Complete set suStain ready mix 23 colors -20%
    Complete set suStain ready mix 23 colors
    €164.68 Regular Price €205.85
  3. suStain Ivy Green No. 76
  4. suStain Steel Blue No. 61
  5. suStain Red Baron No. 44
  6. suStain Poppy Red No. 41
  7. Metal Flake Copper Field
  8. Metal Flake Steel Moon
  9. Metal Flake Summer Sun
    Out of stock
  10. Metal Flake Chilly Day
  11. Metal Flake Early Bird