Sintoms is the go to specialist for your fret wire. Since 1992, the company exists solely for the development and production of professional fret wire. That is why on Sintoms’ machines, you will exclusively see fret wire produced and this results in the highest quality and consistency. 

For Musicians and Luthiers

Sintoms designs and produces frets together with musicians and luthiers. The selection of materials, the shape and the weight are composed for an optimum playability, sound, sustain, durability and easy installation. With Sintoms frets you reduce the installation time. 

Sintoms fretdraad

The ingredients for quality

For each fret, the best quality materials are selected to support and improve the sound of your guitar making it more natural and rich. Weather you prefer the extra hard or the Elite adamant hard nickel silver, Russian stainless steel or beautiful bell bronze, Sintoms frets are high wear resistance and increase the playing time.

Fret materiaal

The design for success

Frets by Sintoms’ design not only look and sound great, but they are also easy to install and comfortable to play. With their technology of ‘ringing’ and ‘frill’ they bring additional sustain to your instrument. The unique patent pending design of Zero frets, which can be placed straight against the nut of an existing guitar in just 10 minutes, is a sound example of Sintoms clever innovations. 

Your best fret wire

Sintoms is the brand for luthiers and musicians in over 70 countries in the world and for good reason: Every quality guitar deserves Sintoms frets!

Used to other brand fret wire? This chart will help you find the right Sintoms frets:

Crown size in mm wxh NS = Nickel Silver 18% RSS = Ringing Stainless Steel TT = Titanium
NSE = Nickel Silver 25% SB = Special Bronze BR = Brass

Sintoms Available materials Available sizes Jescar fret wire with comparable sizes Dunlop fret wire with comparable sizes
Sintoms 1,8x1,4  NS 260mm   Dunlop 6250, Dunlop 6270 (1,9x0,8), Dunlop 6290 (1,98x 1,02)
Sintoms 2,06x1,3  NS 260mm Jescar 37080 (2,03x0,94), Jescar 43080 (2,03x1,09) Dunlop 6210, Dunlop 6220, Dunlop 6230, Dunlop 6260, Dunlop 6265, Dunlop 6240 (2,0-2,03x0,94-1,1)
Sintoms 2,1x1,4  NS set: 12x130mm Jescar 50085 (2,16x1,27) Dunlop 6200 (2,1x0,9)
Sintoms 2,15x1,0  BR set: 12x130mm   Dunlop 6190 (2,13x0,99)
Sintoms 2,3x1,2  NS set: 12x130mm Jescar 47090 (2,3x1,2), Jescar 45085 (2,16x1,14)  
Sintoms 2,3x1,4  NS, NSE, RSS, TT set: 12x130mm Jescar 55090 (2,3x1,4) Dunlop 6105 (2,36x1,5)
Sintoms 2,3x1,4  NS 260mm    
Sintoms 2,4x1,2 Repair 0.6tang NS set: 12x130mm   Dunlop 6105 (2,36x1,5)
Sintoms 2,4x1,4  NS 260mm Jescar 55095 (2,4x1,4), Jescar 47095 (2,4x1,2)  
Sintoms 2,5x1,4  SB 260mm Jescar 51100 (2,54x1,3), Jescar 45100 (2,54x1,14) Dunlop 6170, Dunlop 6150, Dunlop 6155 (2,5-2,6x1,1-1,16)
Sintoms 2,7x0,9  NS set: 12x130mm Jescar 39106 (2,69x0,99) Dunlop 6130, Dunlop 6140, Dunlop 6160 (2,7-0,9-1)
Sintoms 2,7x1,4 NS 260mm Jescar 51108 (2,75x1,3), Jescar 47104 (2,64x1,2)  
Sintoms 2,8x1,4  NS, NSE, RSS set: 12x130mm Jescar 57110 (2,8x1,45), Jescar 58118 (2,99x1,47) Dunlop 6100, Dunlop 6120, Dunlop 6110, Dunlop 6000
Sintoms 2,5x1,4 ZERO Fret NSE 60mm, 260mm    
Sintoms 2,7x1,6 ZERO Fret RSS 60mm, 260mm    
Sintoms 2,8x1,6 ZERO Fret NSE, SB 60mm, 260mm    
Sintoms 2,9x1,6 ZERO Fret RSS 60mm, 260mm    
Sintoms 3,1x1,87 ZERO Fret SB 60mm, 260mm    

A little help with selecting your frets? Check our fret finder.

Our Sintoms frets

  1. Set Sintoms 3.0 fret wire extra hard
    €7.34 €6.07
  2. Set Sintoms 2.3 special bronze fret wire
    €27.95 €23.10
  3. Set Sintoms 2.5 fret wire extra hard
    €6.70 €5.54
  4. 260mm Sintoms 2.15 fret wire brass
    €1.25 €1.03
  5. Roll 1KG Sintoms 2.5 fret wire hard
    €63.95 €52.85
  6. 2.5 Zero fret Elite adamant hard 260mm
    €17.94 €14.83
  7. 2.5 Zero fret Elite adamant hard 60mm
    €5.95 €4.92
  8. 2.8 Zero fret Elite adamant hard 60mm
    €5.95 €4.92
  9. 2.8 Zero fret Elite adamant hard 260mm
    €17.94 €14.83
  10. 2.9 Zero fret Stainless steel 260mm
    €19.95 €16.49
  11. 2.9 Zero fret Stainless steel 60mm
    €6.95 €5.74
  12. 2.8 Zero fret Bell bronze 260mm
    €19.95 €16.49
  13. 2.8 Zero fret Bell bronze 60mm
    €6.95 €5.74
  14. Set Sintoms 2.5 special bronze fret wire
    €29.95 €24.75
  15. Set Sintoms 2.8 fret wire extra hard
    €6.90 €5.70
  16. Set Sintoms 2.3 fret wire Titanium
    €19.95 €16.49
  17. Set Sintoms 2.15 brass fret wire
    €6.70 €5.54
  18. Set Sintoms 2.7 fret wire extra hard
    €6.70 €5.54
  19. Set Sintoms 2.3 fret wire extra hard
    €6.70 €5.54
  20. Set Sintoms 2.1 fret wire extra hard
    €5.70 €4.71