Shopping points

Getting extras is always fun. For us as well, so we understand. That’s why you always get a little extra at TLC Guitar Goods. When you have an account and are logged in, you will receive shop credit on your net order amount. Just because we are happy with you!

For every Euro you spend on products, with the exception of special offers, you get a point. You can use these points to pay for (part of) your next order. Or to save up for later. Shop points can be redeemed by indicating on the checkout page how many points you want to use. Each point represents a value of 5 cents.

On your 'My TLC Guitar Goods' page, you can always see how many points you have saved. Your points can be kept for a year and you will be notified well before they expire. Don’t let them go to waste.

Points can only be spent with us and are not exchangeable for money.