Iwasaki Carvers'files

TLC Guitar Goods proudly introduces Iwasaki Carver's files! These files are absolutely a 'game changer' in the field of woodworking and shaping. As fast as a rasps, as fine as a file. That’s the best way to describe them. With the Iwasaki files you can remove material fast while staying in control and keeping a smooth surface. No grooves!


Iwasaki files are called carver's files for a reason; they allow you to shape your wood like a sculptor. These files work together like a lot of small shavings. The teeth of these files are aligned like a single-cut file with diagonal rows, but interspersed with diagonal grooves. This prevents grooves in the wood as you get with most conventional European rasps.


They are made of Japanese steel with specially designed chemically sharpened teeth that do not fill up and which ensure the rapid removal of material. The front of the tooth has a breaker flow on which the removed material breaks of and is discharged so that the file does not fill up. The teeth are extremely sharp and hard, cut quickly and are durable.


The Iwasaki carver's files work on all types of wood from mdf to bamboo, but also on plastic and epoxy. The result of these files is so smooth that the finishing time with sanding is greatly reduced.


Made in Japan.

The files are also oiled for protection. You can remove this layer by first using the file on a piece of waste wood.


Try them yourself and feel the difference!

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