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Building an instrument requires a lot of different skills. Using of tools, knowledge of wood and its properties, electronics, metal, doing math and on and on. You are sculpting by removing material and assembling components, gluing, screwing, you’re an all-round craftsmen! In short, it is a long list of steps and considerations that you will be taking and making. Luckily we have a large community of Luthiers with a lot of combined knowledge. We are happy to contribute and share what we know with you. Of course, there are many methods to reach the same goal and we can imagine that every guitar builder has his own way. Just as skills are constantly developing, so are the methods! We are always interested in learning something new and open to a different view. Do you want to take part and share your method? Please send a message to We are looking forward to creating something good together!

 All about frets

All about frets

How to Nut

All about nuts

 binding & inlays

All about binding & Inlays


All about finishing


All about staining


All about decal placement