Gotoh Hardware

Gotoh was originally founded in 1950 as Gotoh Gut, by the owner, Mr Gotoh. Initially Gotoh Gut produced musical strings, mainly for violins, but as from 1960, when Gotoh Ltd was established, they started with the production of instrument parts. Talking about history and experience! The knowledge that they gathered however is never enough to settle down, so they keep on innovating in order to provide the best for your instrument. We are happy to be working together with Japan’s only manufacturer of tuners and bridges and to bring this high quality hardware to you.

Gotoh tuners are worlwide recognized as the best performing high tech tuners and. Their SGS510 series is often described as the most sexy tuner in town. With the introduction of Magnum locks and ditto Trads, they offer great options for improving the string tension on your instrument. The X-Finish on their bridges & tuners and the Lubri Coating & Plating on the machine heads make Gotoh parts repellent for water and dirt, making these parts extremely durable. This way you can enjoy your instrument for a long time!

Our Gotoh Products

  1. Kluson style tuner by Gotoh
  2. Gotoh 404SJ Bass Bridge